blog writing ideasBlog writing is one of the best ways to show the human side of your business.  You may have been thinking about starting a business blog, but just don’t know where to start or you may even feel that your business doesn’t really fit into the blogging scene.  Let’s take a closer look at blog writing even when you think you have nothing to blog about.

Even though business owners understand that business blogging is a great way to attract new customers, some find it hard to see how blog writing can work for their particular business.  The following list of blog post ideas could work for just about any business.

1.  Common Questions:  No matter what type business you’re in, if you deal with the public, you get asked a lot of questions.  Each question will make an excellent blog post, so write it down.

2.  How To Guides or DIY Projects:  People are always looking for help and ideas about things they can do themselves.  Give them step-by-step instructions for completing a task.  It could be anything from cleaning a paint brush to baking chocolate chip cookies.

3.  Industry News:  Many news stories will relate to what you do.  By delivering relevant information to your audience, you can gain trust and people will be more likely to seek your expertise.

4.  Showcase Your Staff:  Showing off your talented staff builds good relationships and allows you to make your business more transparent.  You can also invite members of your staff to write guest posts on your blog.

5.  Product Reviews:  Your suppliers have vast amounts of brochures and other information to help you write product reviews to explain how your products can best meet the needs of your audience.

6.  Complementary Resources:   You can guide your audience to other experts that provide complementary products or services.  You will not only be giving people important information, but you will also demonstrate your own industry knowledge.

With a little creativity and imagination, you will find there are actually endless possibilities for writing quality blog posts. Just keep in mind that your business blog isn’t about you, it’s about your current and potential customers.

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