linking profiles as strong as weakest linkSuccessful blog writers understand that certain SEO techniques must be built into each blog article. It is also important to understand that links from other websites or blogs can be the most effective way to improve rankings in search engines.  Since not all backlinks are equal, we will focus on blog writers building quality linking profiles to improve visibility.

There is a certain amount of disagreement on what constitutes high quality linking profiles, but most would probably agree that quality backlinks would be links that meet some or all of the following criteria.

  • Link Relevance:  As search engines crawl your website or blog, they use keywords and phrases to try and understand what you do.  Building linking profiles based on a relevant page or specific content will build credibility and will affect where sites rank in search results.
  • Links To Authority:  If a link to your website or blog is included on a web page that links to high quality sites in your industry, search engines understand that your site should be placed in the same bracket of expertise as those high quality sites.
  • Ease Of Acquisition:  If you can get a backlink in a couple of minutes or with a couple of clicks, then thousands of other sites or blogs already have it and thousands will get it after you. The easier you can acquire a backlink, the less value it will likely have.
  • Anchor Text Link:  The quality of a backlink improves if the words used in the linked text are the same as, or similar to, the keywords you’re using to improve search rankings. Just don’t make every incoming link the same keyword; learn to use variations.
  • Editorial Links:  If a link appears early in a piece of content, it is just assumed that the author considers it an important link. So, backlinks toward the top of content is considered a higher quality linking profile that those farther down the page or in a sidebar or footer.

When Google released the Penguin 2.0 algorithm update, the focus was on spotting blogs and websites that built linking profiles based on nothing more than spam.  Link building just for the sake of SEO is an outdated technique.  Quality linking profiles can only be achieved by providing the type of quality web content that other businesses want in their link profiles.

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